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If you are reading this blog odds are you or a loved one have or have had a brain tumor. First off, we want to wish you the best of luck with your fight and your recovery.

Of course we know that you are going to be under extensive professional medical care, but we also want to give you some information that you might not hear from your typical doctor regarding how to battle a brain tumor and how to more speedily recover from one.

Our blog contains information that has been put together by a group of fantastic doctors who have preformed surgery on many patients with brain tumors as well as doctors and therapists who help with the recovery process. Here is a video on how a brain tumor removal. It is remarkable what our doctors can do now days. Warning, it contains graphic visuals.

Pretty amazing stuff huh. Well if anyone has any questions or concerns regarding symptoms of a brain tumor or the recovery process after surgery and what to do please reach out to us at info@symptomsofabraintumor.net.

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